Spacious, fully- furnished class rooms with neat desks and benches, light and fan facilities are being maintained in a proper manner, providing a clean and healthy environment conducive to study.

Knowledge is power and library is the powerhouse". Books are the best teachers and counselors. To synchronize theory and practice, the journals, magazines and newspapers are very helpful. A Library is a collection of information, resources and services, organized for use, and maintained by a responsible body. Libraries inform the public of what materials are available in their collections and how to access that information.

The faculty and students have involved themselves in extension activities and community development programmes through special programme organized by NSS Units of our college. The NSS is aimed at developing the personality of the NSS volunteers through social service. The NSS has endeavored its best in its service. The motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” is well adhered to and community services are rendered through special camps by way of conducting Blood Donation Camps, General Medical camp.

Fine Arts Association :

The cultural and literary activities of the college are monitored by the Fine Arts Association. Cultural competitions are conducted at the collegiate as well as intercollegiate level by the Association to hone the talents of the students.

Health care programmes :-

  1. Blood Donation Camp
  2. Polio drops campaign.
  3. Tobacco Awareness Programme

Awareness programmes :-

  1. Environmental Protection Rally
  2. Plastic Eradication Campaign
  3. Tree Plantation programme